Recommended Books

These are books that Bro. Terry recommends for a basic Christian library. With these books in your possession, you should be able to deal with most scripture passages and topics. Most of these works are available at any Christian bookstore or sometimes you can find them deeply discounted at Enjoy!

Get a  good commentary, or better, several good commentaries. A commentary is a brief explanation of what is going on in the text. It is helpful when studying difficult passages. The Believer's Bible Commentary is in one volume and is very affordable. The Bible Knowledge Commentary is another good one. The better commentaries are going to be multi-volume works. Ask me before you invest in these!

You need a Bible Dictionary.  Unger's Bible Dictionary is an excellent one. A Bible dictionary will allow you to look up topics or words found in your Bible. For example, if you want to know what Corban is in the book of Mark, you can look up 'Corban' in the dictionary for a brief explanation. If you want more details, consider adding  the Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (5 vols). Most of Bible dictionaries out there will be very good, but I like Zondervan's.

Own a good Bible Handbook.  A handbook provides a very thorough discussion of each book of the Bible, considering the authorship, dating, themes, outline, and a general overview of each book. If you want to know more background behind the book of Zechariah, a handbook would tell you that. I recommend the Holman Bible Handbook or the New Unger's Bible Handbook. You get what you pay for in a handbook, so avoid the ones that are under $20.

Have a theology book on hand. I recommend Moody's Handbook of Theology. It is an excellent layman-level introduction to theology. If you are ready for more advanced theologies, I can give you some guidance, but be prepared to spend more money for these.

Get a theological dictionary. Nelson's Christian Dictionary is a good one. A theological dictionary will provide information on people, movements, religious groups, and terms related to theology. So if you want to know what Pelagius believed, you can look him up in this.

A good Bible Atlas is a must. Whether you realize this or not, having a good understanding of the geography and topography helps interpret the scriptures. I recommend the Holman Bible Atlas by Thomas Briscoe. It has 3D maps and includes a brief history of Israel and the church. I know the author and I'm helping his retirement fund, plus it is an outstanding work!

A good devotional guide. This will help you to stay in God's work daily and in a structured manner. I recommend David Jeremiah's 365-day devotional Sanctuary: Finding Moments of Refuge in the Presence of God.


  e-Sword Bible Software that is free, user friendly, and packed  with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. E-Sword has numerous Bible translations, commentaries, maps, and many other resources.

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